5 Signs that He is Crazy About You

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While it may sound awful to say out loud, it is actually quite common that your partner loves you more than you love him. Or vice versa. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your relationship. “There’s nothing wrong with one person loving another a little more,” says relationship coach Julie … Read more

What’s Next or How to Get Over A Disappointment?

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Dealing with the popular myth: “I will be happy when …” What do you think people are most often disappointed with? No, you are wrong, not because of the defeats, but because of the achievements. If you’ve ever worked hard to achieve something, and instead of the expected triumph fell into depression, know that this … Read more

4 Effective Ways How to Make Him Fall in Love With You by Texting

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The psychologist told how to hook a man on SMS. In the modern world, we all communicate through instant messengers, and it doesn’t matter if we just met or have known each other for several years. Correspondence replaces live communication, and for many it is even a simplified version of the dialogue, because there is … Read more

Tell Me Where Has He Invited You And I Will Tell You About His Intentions

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How to find out what intentions a man has at the beginning of a relationship, on a first date, psychology Men are known for their pragmatism and foresight. But most of them, of course, are not deprived of romance, especially when there is a feeling of falling in love and he invites a girl on … Read more

What Does a Colours of the Emoji Hearts Mean?

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Each emoji has its own hidden meaning and meaning. Let’s decipher the meanings of the colors of different hearts in the correspondence! The most of communication for many of us takes place on social networks and instant messengers. In order to somehow diversify and emotionally color our texts, we use various emoji: these are all … Read more