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7 Creative Ideas On How to Use Paper Towels

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Their functionality is off the charts. And if you show a little imagination, then the practicality of the application can be maximised. Femme4 experts have named the most popular ways to use towels that will definitely come in handy. For makeup This advice should be taken on board by anyone who prefers light and crumbly … Read more

10 Things at Home That Shorten Our Lives

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Take a close look at the objects that surround you. Perhaps it is high time to get rid of them. It is that cats and computer game heroes have several lives. And we have one with you. In taking care of your loved one, it is not enough to follow the rules of a healthy … Read more

How to Keep Tidy Yours Small Apartment: 5 Tips

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Maintaining order in a small apartment is a separate art form! How to get rid of unnecessary things and properly organize storage of things in a mode of space shortage? 1️. Get rid of unnecessary things Any organization of space is based on decluttering. It is impossible to arrange a million uncomfortable things conveniently. We … Read more

Private Opinion: Minimalism

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In the age of reasonable consumption and eco-awareness, brevity and comfort are becoming one of the main trends. What is modern minimalism as seen by industry insiders?  “Minimalism is a scary word for an unprepared consumer, moreover, this trend has been greatly discredited in recent decades,” says Mel Studio designer Pavel Chaunin. – In reality, … Read more