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All About Fasting: How 16-Hour Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight in Record Time

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Finally, there is a way to eat whatever you want and lose weight – intermittent fasting. The effectiveness of this method of getting rid of excess weight has already been confirmed by numerous nutritionists. In recent years, such a diet is gaining immense popularity among those who want to lose extra pounds without unnecessary trouble. … Read more

The Best and Worst Ways to Lose Weight

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Everyone presents the fight against extra pounds in different ways: some are fond of express diets, some disappear in the gym for days, while others believe that daily walking up the stairs will help them. But how to understand that the chosen method will work, and the number on the scales will start to decrease … Read more

To Drink or Not To Drink: Gaba Tea – How It Affects the Brain

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The fashion for super-healthy foods and drinks is a panacea for all ailments that come and go. I would like to believe that the now fashionable gaba tea will not disappoint its already held and new – potential – fans. Sergey Mstislavsky, founder of the Kitchai company, a specialist in China, told us about its … Read more

Sugar Substitutes: What are Their Benefits and Harms to The Body

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A sweet tooth lives in each of us – this is how nature ordered. Once upon a time, sweets saved our ancestors’ lives, supplied weakened organisms with energy. The hard times are over, but the instinct remains. In an effort to satisfy our innate sugar cravings, we are increasingly incorporating fruits, sugar, and modern sweeteners … Read more

Coping with Panic Attack: Breathing Exercise to Help Calm Down

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Breathe deeply Modern residents of megacities are increasingly faced with panic attacks (PA), regardless of age, gender and life situations. Endless stress, hard work, lack of adequate sleep and rest lead to a deterioration in physical, and most importantly, psychological health. In this case, experts usually advise to learn how to clearly distinguish between work … Read more