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Should You Heat Honey?

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In the cold season, without much thought, we often add honey to hot tea, happily cook cookies with it or bake pumpkin. However, there is an opinion that honey in no case should be heat treated, because after that it not only loses all its beneficial properties, but also becomes dangerous to health. In our … Read more

All About Fasting: How 16-Hour Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight in Record Time

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Finally, there is a way to eat whatever you want and lose weight – intermittent fasting. The effectiveness of this method of getting rid of excess weight has already been confirmed by numerous nutritionists. In recent years, such a diet is gaining immense popularity among those who want to lose extra pounds without unnecessary trouble. … Read more

Fig and Goat Cheese Salad

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Preparation time: 10 minutes Recipe for: 2 persons DESCRIPTION Do you like an unusual combination of flavors? Then here’s one great option: the pungency of rocket, the sweetness of figs, and the tenderness of soft cheese. Serving nutritional value 570 kcal 24% Protein 8 g Fats 52 g Carbohydrates 19 g % of daily value … Read more

7 Mistakes We Often Make in The Kitchen

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Kitchen life seems to us familiar and uncomplicated, therefore we never think about the fact that we are doing something wrong. However, even here there are nuances that many are unaware of. For example, do you know how many cutting boards should be in the kitchen? Or how to defrost meat properly? In this article, … Read more

To Drink or Not To Drink: Gaba Tea – How It Affects the Brain

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The fashion for super-healthy foods and drinks is a panacea for all ailments that come and go. I would like to believe that the now fashionable gaba tea will not disappoint its already held and new – potential – fans. Sergey Mstislavsky, founder of the Kitchai company, a specialist in China, told us about its … Read more