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All About Fasting: How 16-Hour Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight in Record Time

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Finally, there is a way to eat whatever you want and lose weight – intermittent fasting. The effectiveness of this method of getting rid of excess weight has already been confirmed by numerous nutritionists. In recent years, such a diet is gaining immense popularity among those who want to lose extra pounds without unnecessary trouble. … Read more

4 Effective Ways How to Make Him Fall in Love With You by Texting

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The psychologist told how to hook a man on SMS. In the modern world, we all communicate through instant messengers, and it doesn’t matter if we just met or have known each other for several years. Correspondence replaces live communication, and for many it is even a simplified version of the dialogue, because there is … Read more

Tell Me Where Has He Invited You And I Will Tell You About His Intentions

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How to find out what intentions a man has at the beginning of a relationship, on a first date, psychology Men are known for their pragmatism and foresight. But most of them, of course, are not deprived of romance, especially when there is a feeling of falling in love and he invites a girl on … Read more

What Does a Colours of the Emoji Hearts Mean?

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Each emoji has its own hidden meaning and meaning. Let’s decipher the meanings of the colors of different hearts in the correspondence! The most of communication for many of us takes place on social networks and instant messengers. In order to somehow diversify and emotionally color our texts, we use various emoji: these are all … Read more

Coping with Panic Attack: Breathing Exercise to Help Calm Down

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Breathe deeply Modern residents of megacities are increasingly faced with panic attacks (PA), regardless of age, gender and life situations. Endless stress, hard work, lack of adequate sleep and rest lead to a deterioration in physical, and most importantly, psychological health. In this case, experts usually advise to learn how to clearly distinguish between work … Read more

Under Suspicion: The Closer to The Marriage, The More Jealous He Is

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Where does mutual distrust come from and how the situation changes when it comes to the wedding Contrary to the romantic messages of Hollywood melodramas, jealousy is not a manifestation of love, but rather a side effect based on low self-esteem and a selfish desire to restrict a partner’s freedom. Jealous people are driven by … Read more

Six Things That Can Kill Your Love

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Signs a romance is heading for the apocalypse and tips on how to avoid it. Love is one of the most powerful feelings, but it is rash to believe that it is invincible. It requires constant nourishment and support. Otherwise, these six omnipresent enemies can consume affection and trust. How to eliminate harmful feelings from … Read more