Samantha Keyser

5 Reasons Why Women Are Better Drivers

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“The woman behind the wheel is like a monkey with a grenade.” This caustic phrase flying at the lady from supposedly real men has long lost its relevance. It is scientifically proven that women drive much better than the stronger gender. Not least because the female sex finds it easier to cope with the multitasking … Read more

5 Rules to Live Better Life


Even if you had certain financial habits, there are a few rules that you no longer have to follow. Each person treats money in his own way – because of his upbringing and experience. For example, your parents taught you to put money in a savings account every week or month. But these days, this … Read more

What’s Next or How to Get Over A Disappointment?

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Dealing with the popular myth: “I will be happy when …” What do you think people are most often disappointed with? No, you are wrong, not because of the defeats, but because of the achievements. If you’ve ever worked hard to achieve something, and instead of the expected triumph fell into depression, know that this … Read more

The Best and Worst Ways to Lose Weight

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Everyone presents the fight against extra pounds in different ways: some are fond of express diets, some disappear in the gym for days, while others believe that daily walking up the stairs will help them. But how to understand that the chosen method will work, and the number on the scales will start to decrease … Read more

How Do You Sleep: 4 Gadgets That Will Radically Change Your Life for The Better?

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How Do You Sleep: 4 Gadgets That Will Radically Change Your Life for The Better? Spend your night the right way to be as productive as possible during the day. We once dedicated an entire tab to such an important pastime as sleep, collecting tips for improving the regime, ways to quickly fall asleep and … Read more