Blair Dobson

Should You Heat Honey?

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In the cold season, without much thought, we often add honey to hot tea, happily cook cookies with it or bake pumpkin. However, there is an opinion that honey in no case should be heat treated, because after that it not only loses all its beneficial properties, but also becomes dangerous to health. In our … Read more

What Does Your Makeup Say About You? We Asked the Psychologists!

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Psychologists say that makeup is not only about highlighting the merits and masking flaws, but also some kind of mask that you put on. What is hidden under it? Did the experts manage to guess your personality from your makeup? 1. Black eye liner, classic lipstick You have a great memory and organizational skills, you … Read more

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

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A smile is our calling card. With just one of this mimic gesture, many conflicts can be smoothed out. However, if your teeth are overpowered by a yellowish coating – a faithful companion of coffee lovers, smokers and connoisseurs of red wines – you don’t want to smile at all. You can, of course, abandon … Read more

How to Lose Weight During and After the Quarantine

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Not sure how to use self-isolation time to benefit your figure? We will tell you how to lose weight during quarantine! In the fight against coronavirus, hundreds of thousands of workers have learned what remote work is! Working from home has become a real torture: everything becomes slower, dogs / cats / husbands / children … Read more