5 Reasons Why Women Are Better Drivers

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“The woman behind the wheel is like a monkey with a grenade.” This caustic phrase flying at the lady from supposedly real men has long lost its relevance. It is scientifically proven that women drive much better than the stronger gender. Not least because the female sex finds it easier to cope with the multitasking … Read more

5 Signs that He is Crazy About You

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While it may sound awful to say out loud, it is actually quite common that your partner loves you more than you love him. Or vice versa. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your relationship. “There’s nothing wrong with one person loving another a little more,” says relationship coach Julie … Read more

Should You Heat Honey?

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In the cold season, without much thought, we often add honey to hot tea, happily cook cookies with it or bake pumpkin. However, there is an opinion that honey in no case should be heat treated, because after that it not only loses all its beneficial properties, but also becomes dangerous to health. In our … Read more

5 Rules to Live Better Life


Even if you had certain financial habits, there are a few rules that you no longer have to follow. Each person treats money in his own way – because of his upbringing and experience. For example, your parents taught you to put money in a savings account every week or month. But these days, this … Read more